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Features of milk delivery management software

This software empowers your delivery operations and accelerates your business towards efficiency and accuracy. With our software, you can take customer orders online, automate deliveries, auto-assign routes, generate invoices and simplify the payment process

Customer Management

Instantly access your customer’s full profile, their area, order & payment history & recurring orders for a desired tenure.

Product Management

Each product can be customized with a myriad of settings that help you control user behavior- from “recurring only” to pre-ordered products.

Accounting & Billing

Automated invoice generation and improved cash flow. Also, initiate on-time payment generation via constant reminders.

Route Management

Create multiple routes as per your need and let our system automatically assign customers to those routes. Visualize your route stops & suggest the best routes.

Order Management

Generate accurate information about upcoming orders across all the subscriptions and automate the fulfillment of orders

Reporting & Analytics

Meaningful reports of your business based on weekly/monthly data, no. of orders, and much more, empowers you to stay ahead.

How to grow your dairy business with Milk Delivery Solutions?

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Best Online Daily Milk
Delivery Solution

We give you a hassle-free and convenient delivery system right at your doorstep. Automate your online milk delivery operation & let your client customize a schedule according to their needs.

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Intelligent Milk Delivery Management Platform

Deliveries optimized by MDS's SaaS platform are making the customer experience better.

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Milk Delivery Mobile App Features

Experience convenient micromanagement of each customer with our user friendly Mobile App for Milk Delivery. Get a solution for all the issues you face while managing your dairy business.

Manage Admin

Manage & Track your customer orders, recurring or pre-ordered, easily with the numerous settings of our Delivery App.

Reporting & Data

Our report system gives you dynamic graphic depiction on your sales, any pendencies, customers etc on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Custom Notifications

Notify your clients via customized text messages for drop-off confirmations, subscription paused/resumed or any other information related to the delivery.

Manage Drivers

Keep a track of the route, location and delivery on which your driver is, at any point of time. All this at one click!

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Milk round software is an integrated platform to manage and operate entire business operations in the milk delivery business. It comprises three main components- the Admin Panel, the Customer Interface (mobile app and website), and the Driver Application.

The milk delivery app allows customers to place orders directly from their phones. Offering customers an application gives them the ease of placing orders without having to call, saves time and minimises the risk of error. This improves the customer experience and adds value to the brand.

Route optimisation feature offered by milk delivery management software creates the shortest delivery path considering various factors like ‌the number of stops, distance and traffic. This reduces ‌total delivery turnaround time, allowing dairy businesses to serve more customers in a given period of time.

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